More Great Results from Texas!

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Here is a note from William with Just the Details Service in East Texas.  Not only is the quality of the shine aluminum the “Satin Shine” that we always talk about, but these guys are pickup up work left & right and not working nearly as hard are they have been used to to produce results on this level. jk


Hey Jerry, this is William in Henderson, Texas. I just wanted to send you some pictures of what we do here in East Texas. I always forget to take pictures of our jobs until we are either hard in it or finished! Anyway the album labeled 3-H Trucking was done with your White Powdered Soap mixed with Magnum K and Safe-T-Brite for the aluminum. This was a new contract we started Sunday, (10 trucks and trailers) the owner was totally disappointed in the previous wash guys. They weren’t getting the aluminum clean at all and the trucks were dull looking with a film. (8 of the 10 are 2010 models!!!) We cleaned these units with COLD water, NO brushing and the drivers and owners kept asking me was I using hot water!!! They couldn’t believe it. To make this so sweet, his father-in-law and buddies came over to see what we were doing and now we have their business also, 20 trucks and trailers every two weeks! The other album is labeled Truck Washing, we were using other products at that time and we were doing a great job then also, but much more products, labor and time was involved. I just wanted to send these to you and let you know your products are the best. I still have a good supply of my other vendor’s chemicals, so I’m going to use them up and get with you very soon.   Thanks Jerry!

William F. Garmon, III
Just the Details Service
Henderson, Texas

Dirty Rig 1 -- before

Dirty Rig 1 -- After

Dirty Rig 2 -- before

Dirty Rig 2 -- After

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Before and After — See to Believe

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You have to really see these kinds of results to believe them. This truck was washed with Pro White powder for literally pennies in chemical costs. Of course, it was never touched with a brush. Oh yeah . . . it had not been washed in 5 years . . . .

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A Faulty Algorhythm

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Sometimes it is possible to construct a type of algorithm where each part is sound, but when added together, the conclusion is faulty. Here is one example:

— I can wash a car.
— If I can wash a car, I can wash a van.
— If I can wash a van, I can wash a small truck.
— If I can wash a small truck, I can wash a big truck.
— If I can wash a big truck, I can wash a fleet of trucks.

Unfortunately, this formula breaks down in the last step. Why is that, you may ask. (If you have had any experience in washing trucks, you don’t need to ask.) The reason is very simple: the war waged on the surface of a fleet of trucks to wash them efficiently and quickly is a chemical war, and only through much experience or having the good fortune to come upon accurate expert advice can a person come to that task chemically prepared.

The enemy in fleet washing, truck washing, pressure washing, or mobile washing is OXIDATION. Oxidation is extremely challenging to remove without an understanding of how to defeat the chemical bond of the oxygen on a metal surface. The key ingredient, and in fact the only one chemically suited to defeat this bond is a HYDROFLUORIC ACID BASED ALUMINUM BRIGHTENER. When it comes to synthetic surfaces like fiberglass, that is not always the case.

The question beyond that has to deal with what other necessary components a good brightener must have to rise to the level of chemical greatness. This is a secret that we discovered twenty years ago at Omega Chemical. We know what it takes to make a brightener work well at a 20:1 dilution ratio and still have an affordable cost. We know how to make a brightener treat aluminum kindly and leave a SATIN SHINE and not that dull, bleached-out look of most brighteners. With our 86% freight discount, we know that we can ship our truck washing products most reasonably throughout the United States.

Not only do we lead the pack in quality, price and efficiency when it comes to Aluminum Brightener, but we have TRUCK WASHES that are head and shoulders above just about anything that you will be able to find, and usually for a lot less money. The customer testimonials about our new premium truck wash, Magnum K pouring in just about daily are like nothing we have ever heard. Magnum K is often ringing the bell at 30:1, cold water & no brushing again and again. It has blown the competition out the door and down the street, and you may as well say out of the county! This is not any kind of exaggeration.

When you have those two chemicals, you are in a position to wash fleets like never before, and with COLD WATER and NO BRUSHING! If you are brushing now, YOU HAVE THE WRONG CHEMICAL! Honest to goodness, it is just that simple. Watch our videos and our customers will tell you just that in their own words.

We are the only chemical company that we know of that has washed over 300,000 trucks, and we know of what we speak in this area. If you are having to 2-Step everything you come across, you also have the wrong chemical. You are like a man hunting who takes careful aim with a high-quality hunting rifle, squeezes the trigger, and watches his bullet bounce of a would-be trophy buck. That man has the wrong ammunition and needs to load up on gunpowder!

Be sure to watch our videos. They are informative, educational, entertaining and many people have told us inspiring as well.

Here is one to get you started:
Jerry D. Kaifetz, Ph.D.
Omega Chemical

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This is the Power of AB-55 Aluminum Brightener!

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These are some great before and after pictures from one of our mobilewash customers. They show the power of AB-55 Aluminum Brightener at normal dilution ratios. As with a lot of badly damaged aluminum previously washed with cheap brighteners, it can take two or three washes with AB-55 to see the “satin shine” come through.

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A Happy Texas Customer

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“We got your sample pallet and tried it over the weekend. These chemicals worked GREAT! We washed everything in about half the time with NO rewashes. We did more work with less man hours, so I’m pretty happy. We will be ordering some Pro White & some AB-55 in about two weeks.”
William, Just The Details, Texas

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Magum K: Outperforming EVERYTHING & Increasing Profit$!

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The incredible stories about Magnum K just keep pouring in. This is absolutely confirming what I believed even from the first time I wrote the Magnum K final formula on paper before we made so much as the first sample: Magnum K is in a class by itself. There is nothing close that we have seen or heard about anywhere in the country. And it is making a huge difference in profitability for many companies, like this one in Kansas City. I can’t imagine anyone trying it and ever using their old product again. This product is proving every week that it represents a quantum leap in cleaning performance and profitability in pressure washing. jk

Jerry, a little story about your product. Some times you need to look out side the box. We clean all types of places. We cleaned a bathroom at a large chain store that the company before us couldn’t clean. So we used a chemical that worked ok but still left it looking dirty. The next day we threw everything at it. After a hard night the night before we needed to do something different. From our truck with every chemical known to man, we threw what works on the fleets so well. Then we tried Magnum K. We not only cleaned it better, faster & easier, we now have all the other stores touring this store’s bathrooms. We now have all 43 local stores! Today they fired the old company and the owner wanted to know how we got it so clean. The store manager said she doesn’t know, but they should hire us and find out. This is a 225 thousand dollar contract!!!

Thanks for your help and support. Also signed Interstate Battery here in KC. They are new customers. They loved the wash we provided.

Plan B Sweeping

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A Shiny Trailer Floor

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These pictures are remarkable to me because you can clearly see the failures of previous washes using cheap brightener: the wand marks are everywhere. You can only imagine the reaction of the fleet manager when he saw the trailer interior this clean.
This was done with AB-55 at a very high dilution ratio (well over 30:1) and allowed to sit for about ten minutes.

This kind of work does two things for the mobile wash operator that one cannot overestimate in terms of their value in your business: 1.) Job security, 2.) Good pricing.

Here are the before & after shots. These photos are completely unretouched:

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Some Customer Testimonials

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“Your chemicals have been a big part of our success. I like the Safe-T-Brite a lot because it takes the worry out of having my guys around so much Hydrofluoric, and it has never been any kind of compromise for us as far as effectiveness or economy. Your No. 2 Truck Wash is one of my trade secrets!” N. Pina, Owner , Power Wash Services, E. Chicago, IN

“The Econobrite Plus has been a big step us for us company wide. It goes fifty percent farther at the same price as what we were using before. The results are impressive. “
Kurt M., mgr. of a large volume 24/7 Truck Wash in the Chicago area.

“Jerry, there are two things I never want to see change: my Mama’s pasta sauce & your No. 2 Truck Wash!” Tony S., mgr. of the largest mobile wash in Chicago (20+ trucks)

“We are very pleased to have discovered your Econobrite Plus Brightener. I can’t imagine ever going back to any of the old brighteners we used to use. The Pro White Truck Wash is working out very well also”
Doug G., Owner, 24/7 truck wash near Cincinnati

“Jerry, you are the best in the business: excellent products, excellent service. You are a big part of our reputation in the Los Angeles area.”
Pete K., owner of a major L.A. truck wash & distributor of pressure washing services.

“Your AB-55 Brightener is awesome! My competition would love to know where I get it. It makes the stuff available around here look like junk.” Bud V., mobile wash owner, Michigan

“We were brushless at 30:1 with the Magnum. This is going to change the way we do business.” Tom, Mobile Wash owner in PA

“Jerry, the No. 2 Truck Wash is everything you said it was. I’ll tell you right now, that stuff is IMPRESSIVE! The dirt was running down before we even hit it with water.” Hector, Mobile Wash operator, Orlando, FL

“We finally dialed it in according to your instructions on the videos. WOW! That Magnum K is just awesome! I had two guys brushing and now we are not brushing at all. Our wash time was cut in half. We are really, really happy!”
Francisco, Oregon mobile wash operator

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How We Started Out

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Omega Chemical had its origin as Budget Mobile Truck Wash in 1986.

With a $100 investment in garden hose, brushes, sponges, soap, a hand-made sign, the promise of 10% to a truck stop operator and, above all, the determination to succeed, Budget Mobile Truck Wash began operating in St. John, Indiana out of the truck of a 1980 Dodge Diplomat.

We quickly learned that the mediocre chemicals on the market were our greatest limiting factor and their high cost a consistent threat to our bottom line.

Eventually, we began to blend our own products strictly for our own use. It wasn’t long before word was out that our aluminum brightener and truck wash were clearly superior to anything in the the Chicago market. We began selling chemicals to local truck washers under the “BMTW Chemical” label, blending our chemicals in leased space in a Chicago chemical plant.

The superiority of our products was due to their method of inception: the only important factor for us was what would work, not what would market! (It didn’t hurt either that the chemical engineer was also the end-user.)

We then dedicated ourselves to obtaining the greatest possible chemical expertise in order to be able to continually improve our original products and add to our product line. Many mistakes were made, some with more serious consequences than others, including a stay at the University of Chicago’s Intensive Care Burn Unit.

Numerous consultations with talented chemists over a number of years helped give our research and development a vital edge and a bold, new direction. We were determined to leave the status quo behind and come up with an entirely new generation of truck washing products. WE WERE TIRED OF BRUSHING!

After several years of pressure-washing and blending, it became clear to us that we had a marketing potential in our chemicals that demanded our full time and attention. By then we had moved into an industrial cleaning operation in the Chicago steel mills, far exceeding the demands of truck washing and giving rise to some incredibly powerful new products that these nearly indescribable new environments were thrusting upon us daily.

All these years, we benefited enormously from a field-testing potential unknown to any other manufacturer of pressure-washing chemicals. This proved to be an enormous asset, providing us with a substantial edge over our competition. In 1995 we sold the mobile wash operation and began to concentrate on chemical engineering and development full time.

Over 90% of those trying our chemicals become our customers. For many, our products represent a quantum leap in quality, results and economy. We are the only chemical company that we know of that has learned about pressure washing at the end of a wand with mud or snow up to our ankles, not in sales meetings. We KNOW what truck washers are up against every day, and we believe that this is much of what separates us from the other companies in this field.

Having washed hundreds of thousands of trucks, we come to you with solutions and experience, not salesmanship.

If you are tired of second-rate, overpriced chemicals, you may need to take the next step in productivity, efficiency and economy. Omega Chemical is a company you should to get to know. Watch our videos, and you will see quickly why we are the face of the 21st century in fleet washing chemicals.

Jerry D. Kaifetz, Ph.D
Pres., Omega Chemcial

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Jerry Kaifetz — The MAD SCIENTIST

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Once upon a time, there was a mad scientist who liked
to wash trucks. One day he fell down & hit his head and woke
up believing that he could make a truck wash chemical that would
clean entire fleets with COLD WATER & NO BRUSHING at 25:1!

But wait, there’s more

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